Our Environment


The Blue Mountain Montessori building was designed with our biggest hopes and desires for our students. Built from the ground up for preschool aged children, the environment allows students to safely manipulate their surroundings with little help from adults.


The playground is 3 times the size of the classroom, giving children the ability to interact with a variety of spaces and materials. Elements include a tricycle loop, 900 sq/ft. sandbox, climbing boulder, play structure, large grassy area, and a large patio area. The patio is connected to the classroom, providing an extension to the classroom when weather permits.

Pint-sized surroundings

In addition to smaller chairs, and tables, the restrooms have been designed with kids in mind, allowing them to learn independantly and confidently.

Our Values

These values have been refined to reflect our core beliefs around a child’s early childhood development. In addition to Embracing, Empowering, and Educating children, we use these principles with parents and families as well. We use these values within our staff to provide a positive and rewarding team experience.


When your child feels safe and loved, he or she can take the risks necessary to learn. Whether it’s a funny nickname or knowing their favorite dinosaur, the Blue Mountain Montessori teachers take pride in the personal relationship they build with each student.


In addition to the life-long skills your child will develop at Blue Mountain Montessori, your son or daughter will develop their desire to learn as well. By forming a teacher-student team, children feel ownership over their learning and growth. Trusting a child’s natural desire to learn is critical to making learning both fulfilling and fun.


Enticing your student with just the right material at just the right time ensures they are always challenged and interested. Blue Mountain Montessori teachers are constantly adjusting the material, the classroom, and their approach to maximize your child’s success.

Of the 4 different preschools my kids’ attended over the years, Blue Mountain is miles above the rest in every way. All of the teachers at Blue Mountain are excellent and have Montessori training. The quality of the curriculum and varietyof work is remarkable. And above all, my child was nurtured on appropriate social behavior and to think independently.

—Shannon Colton


Morning or Afternoon Program

The session begins with line time where children and teachers discuss current events, review the calendar, present new material, sing songs. Following line time is a two hour work period where children are given one on one lessons, participate in small group lessons, practice “works” independently, or work with their peers (more on works). Another line time wraps the session up. Each session has a 20 minute outdoor play period.

All Day program

Students in the all-day program come for the morning, afternoon, and lunch sessions. A thirty minute rest period is included in the lunch session.

Kindergarten (8:30 – 4:00, Mon – Fri)

The third and final year in a student’s life at Blue Mountain Montessori will solidify your student’s skills in preparation for first grade. Kindergarten is open to former Blue Mountain Montessori preschool students. As the oldest students in the class, kindergarteners practice leadership and refine their knowledge while they teach fellow students and help with classroom activities. This full day program includes special projects, field trips, and workbooks just for the kindergarten students.

AM Care

Children needing care before 8:30 AM can take advantage of AM Care. During this time children are invited to have breakfast, participate in free play, or help the teachers set the classroom up for the day. Breakfast is a an opportunity for children to practice independence; each child may choose from food items that children can prepare and serve themselves.

PM Care

Children needing care after 4:00 PM may stay as late as 5:00 PM. Children will participate in creative play outside (weather permitting) or inside. Toys used only for AM or PM care are made available at this time.

Consecutive Days

Schedule options consist of 3, 4, or 5 consecutive days of the week. A schedule of consecutive days allows students to relax in their routine and focus on learning and growing. This schedule also gives teachers the ability to plan special events when all children will be present.

Semester Schedule

Blue Mountain Montessori is open during the standard school year (Late August through Late May) and closed for the summer (Late May through Late Aug). Closing in the summer is our commitment to providing the highest quality learning environment for your son or daughter. It is critical for teachers and students to have this time to recharge so they are refreshed and ready to teach and learn when school begins.