Application Process

  1. schedule tour / meet in person

    It’s important to meet in person at Blue Mountain Montessori to start the enrollment process. During our meeting, we’ll tour the school, exchange questions, explore a sample student portfolio, and discuss any topic that will help determine if Blue Mountain Montessori is a good fit for the student. Initial meetings are done without children in order to provide the greatest opportunity for discussion.

  2. Submit Application

    To express your interest in joining Blue Mountain Montessori, we ask that you complete an application. This communicates your preferred schedule and start date.

  3. Acceptance/Wait Pool

    Schedule, age, gender and many other factors go into deciding if a child’s presence will add to the class. If the next semester’s class is not a fit or you are looking to “reserve” a place for your child in the future, applicants will added to the wait pool.

  4. Submit Enrollment Forms & Fees

    Once accepted, you will be supplied with enrollment forms. These forms allow us to get to you know you as well as satisfy several state rules and regulations. Providing your enrollment forms with the enrollment fee will reserve a space for your child.

  5. First Day of School

    We look forward to welcoming you to your new school!

School Tours

To begin the enrollment process, we require that you take an in-person tour of the facility to ensure we are a good fit for your child. Please note that initial meetings are done without children in order to provide the greatest opportunity for discussion. To schedule a tour, please contact us.

Contact Us

Of the 4 different preschools my kids’ attended over the years, Blue Mountain is miles above the rest in every way. All of the teachers at Blue Mountain are excellent and have Montessori training. The quality of the curriculum and varietyof work is remarkable. And above all, my child was nurtured on appropriate social behavior and to think independently.

—Shannon Colton