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Things They Say – December 2014

“Dandelions are my favorite flower, and I find them everywhere.”  Alexis

“My boogers are making me sick – but they are coming out, then they won’t make me sick anymore.” Brinley

“My grandma is awesome, she can do anything she wants!  She can knit…. make necklaces…”  Isabella

“I make regular pancakes at home.”  Isabelle

“I really like this map because it has really fun names like Cuba, Haiti, and Guacamoca”  Jackson

“Guess what Ms Kelly, I dressed up all my house!”  Keegan

Ms. Kathimarie: “Tomorrow, I am working with you.”  “Well tomorrow I am marrying Piper” replied Lukas

“If you go outside naked when it’s cold, you will be freezing and get sick.”  Morgan

“Well this one’s for my mom – she can juggle three apples or three oranges.  She’s gonna be in the circus.”  Noah O.

“My baby brother said red banana!”  Vivi