Things Teachers Say

“The Things They Say” was one of the most loved sections of our old newsletter. They were funny little comments we heard the children say.  It turns out teachers say some pretty funny stuff too; so we’ve added something new.

Things Teachers Say

  •  “What are you going to do with that booger?”
  •  “Go put your love light away, it’s not shining when your being destructive.”
  •  “It’s not called lotion, it’s called humus.”
  •  “When you sniffle, that’s your nose asking you for a tissue.”
  •  “That’s what’s cool about hard-boiled eggs, you can just rinse it after it falls on the floor.”
  •  “I wonder why you are picking your nose instead of counting your beads.”


So What Really Happens During Teacher Work Day?

No school for the kids, but the teachers report for duty.  What really happens during our teacher work days?  We thought we’d give you a little inside look.

Eight hours seems like barely enough time to crack the seal on all we need to get done.  We have professional development hours that we have to meet to maintain our certification through the state, we have works that we want to make, and things at school that need improving and fixing.  Last Friday we accomplished quite a bit!  Take a look!

We listened to a really wonderful book “Boys and Girls Learn Differently!” by Michael Gurian.  This book talks about the physical and chemical differences in the brains of boys and girls, how it impacts their behaviors, and more importantly their learning.  It’s a wonderful read (or listen) that would be beneficial to any parent.  We felt validated by the things we offer in our classroom for every child but were also inspired with new ideas.

We made this new dice art work, and Ms. Suzi presented it to the children today!  The children roll the dice, paint the lines they rolled, then color as they wish.


We made this new block building work.  The children choose a picture and try to recreate what they see.


We made this new Bead Stair Paper.  The children count the bead bars, color them according to the Bead Stair, then write the corresponding numeral.


We made two of these “ball globes” in preparation for our introduction of the maps to the children.


We painted parking spaces for our bikes and scooters so the children can more easily put things where they belong.


We stained our playhouse so that it will stay nice through the winter…. hopefully.


We also spent a large part of the afternoon preparing for upcoming conferences, but you will get to hear more about that later…