About Blue Mountain Montessori

Blue Mountain Montessori is a school in Erie, Colorado that teaches the Montessori method. Our staff, philosophy, building, and schedule have been brought together to Embrace, Empower, and Educate each student as an individual. We accept children from 2.5–6 years of age for preschool and kindergarten.

About the Montessori Method

Dr. Maria Montessori became interested in education while caring for children deemed by society as unreachable. In 1907, with the opening of Casa dei bambini (children’s house), Montessori continued to refine her educational method. Guided by her clinical understanding of children’s cognitive growth and development, Maria Montessori observed that young people learned best when engaged in purposeful activity rather than simply being fed information.

The Montessori method encourages independence and freedom within appropriate limits. Activities in the classroom are called "works" to communicate the idea that work is positive and fulfilling. Every work is carefully selected and placed in the classroom with a specific purpose. Each child proceeds at his or her own pace from concrete objects and tactile experiences to abstract thinking, writing, reading, science, and mathematics.